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My textile practice has incorporated felt making since I graduated from Goldsmith’s in 1992. My work is largely 3D and whilst felt making has remained central  I also use a  range of other materials and processes to realise my ideas. I am entranced by the duality of experience and the choices we make to shape our lives and engender change through creative practice.


I am inspired by structure and patterns and find interest equally through natural and manmade forms. I am like a magpie that collects visual references in an eclectic way; I surround myself with found objects that become an intrinsic part of my life and eventually emerge through my work. The core process for these sculptures is needle point felting using merino fleece and I think of this process of one of 'excavation' - of finding the shape as I begin with a large volume of fibres and end up with a a solid and precise sculptural form. Visual themes such as clothes, the body or body parts and the world or external environments explore notions of choice and identity in relation to humanity and the connections we make within ourselves and the world around us.


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